Are you EXCITED at the idea of
New Empowering Money Beliefs?

Are you EXCITED at the idea of embracing New Empowering Money Beliefs?

ATTENTION: Business Owners & Professionals

Do you make good money and feel you are not getting ahead?

Do you want to ask more for the value of the services/work you provide but can’t seem to find the courage to ask?

Are you committed to getting your
financial health/well-being in order but
do not know where to start?

Do you make good money and feel you are not getting ahead?

Do you want to ask more for the value of the services/work you provide but can’t seem to find the courage to ask?

Are you committed to getting your
financial health/well-being in order but do not know where to start?

If Your Answer Is "Yes" Then
We Can Help To
Elevate Your Money Mind

What People Are Saying

Meeting Gloria Charles at Kelly’s weekend retreat was a turning point for me. Her passion and dedication to helping people is unstoppable, genuine and impactful. I was convinced that she was the right person to coach and guide me on the path to exploring myself and my money affairs.

Before working with Gloria I thought money was a mystery and I was terrified to open my investment accounts – now I feel empowered and feel confident and I pay attention to my money. Today my money does not control me. I am a master of my money.

Working with Gloria continues to be an incredible journey. It has been a refreshing and productive experience, centered around self-care and personal growth. Investing in myself by working with her has been absolutely amazing and truly worth it.

Elaine L.

Gloria’s approachability, authenticity, and generous spirit immediately caught my attention.

I decided to join her program because I was ready for financial independence and abundance, and her promise of financial empowerment resonated deeply with me.

From day one, Gloria’s coaching and guidance helped me develop better habits and transform my mindset.

Her fun and humorous approach to a typically daunting topic made the process enjoyable and enlightening.

Investing in Gloria’s Financial Empowerment Institute is truly the best investment you can make in yourself.

Monique A.

When Gloria Charles reached out to me with her business pitch, I knew it was time for a change.

I trusted Gloria right from the start because of her brightness, ambition, and professionalism.

Although the initial price seemed out of my reach, I took the leap of faith and decided to work with her.

It turned out to be a positive experience, with Gloria’s genuine support and motivation driving me forward.

Gloria’s program brought underlying issues to the surface and helped me embrace my true powerful self.

Thanks to Gloria Charles , I’ve experienced a shift in my mindset and a newfound belief in my own worth.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a positive change in their life.



Working with Gloria Charles was a game-changer for me.

Her positivity, guidance, kindness and personalized approach helped me break free from feeling stuck and discover my true potential.

Through her revolutionary money mind mastery program, I not only transformed my financial status but also took charge of my life and lost over 60 pounds!

Gloria Charles is an incredible coach who genuinely cares and delivers results.

I highly recommend her to anyone ready to create a powerful shift especially in their financial life.


What Includes in the

Gloria Charles' Exclusive
Money Mind Mastery Program

(Your Empowerment team is waiting)

DAY 1 (6PM - 8PM)

Welcome & Kickoff

  • Getting To Know Your Cohort.
  • Reviewing Our Guiding Principles And Curriculum
  • Getting The Most From The
    Event While Having Massive

DAY 2 (9AM - 6PM)


  • Where Are You Now In Terms Of Your Financial Health?
  • Where Do You Desire To Be With Your Financial Health?
  • What Do You Believe Your Current Financial Situation Says About You As A Person?
  • What’s In The Gap Between Where You Are Now And Where You Want To Be?

DAY 3 (9AM - 9PM)

Taking Action

  • What Can Be Transformed In Order To Realize Your Dreams?

  • How Can You Create A Personalized System That Supports Your Financial Well-Being?

  • What Commitments To Your Financial Health Are You Ready and Willing To Make?

  • How Can You Honor, Celebrate And Deepen Your Financial Wellness Practice?

What are you waiting for?

Why Should I Believe
Gloria Charles?

(Even If You've Never Heard Her Name Or Even Knew She Existed...)

From: Gloria Charles
Dear Business Owner:

If you really knew me, you would know that I am unapologetically passionate about helping women stand boldly in their power to up-level the way they think, live and invest.

I was born on an island in the Caribbean – Saint Lucia; the Helen of The West Indies – the island/country with the most Nobel Prize Winners/Laureates per capita.

I am one of four children by my mother – a single mom. As a little girl, I desired to be able to become educated and give back to my people – the land that gave me birth. I migrated to the United States and pursued higher education.

I attained a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and later worked in the financial industry. I am the Founder and CEO of Financial Empowerment Institute LLC – a transformational and educational organization and the Founder of the Go Back, Give Back Foundation a non-profit organization to help my fellow citizens in Saint Lucia.

As a woman who has escaped several inconceivable challenges in my life, l have come to comprehend that I have the power within me to overcome it ALL and I am standing
unreservedly with other women to do the same, in the way they think, live and invest. This is what my work is all about.

I have created an enlightening and instructive platform where women are welcome to engage in a safe, playful, exploring, unconditionally loving and non-judgmental environment to tap into their glory, power, and greatness so they can create the life they love. My main goal is to assist every woman who has the commitment and desire to live the life they deserve.

About My Course

My courses are exceptionally designed to sustain women in their unique dynamic household and business world.

As l continue to do my inner work, evolve and create new programs, I realized that my life experiences, academics, and skills truly contain all the programs I was born to teach, share and give to serve others; playing in this work lights up my world.

"Do you have a guarantee?"

More Than MONEY Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1 - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Once the event commences, customers seeking a refund will need to visit Gloria Charles at the end of Day 1. You must have attended the event up until the Day 1 end of day and request your refund at the end of the day. At your option, we will apply your investment to any Gloria Charles’ event, or send you a full refund. Simply turn in your name badge to Gloria Charles at the end of Day 1 and request your refund. Refunds are authorized at the event only. Complimentary enrollments are not eligible for refund.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the event. Email or text 949.490.4000 the Financial Empowerment Institute Customer Service Department at least 7 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $75 fee will apply. A complimentary ticket is valid for the event date listed only and is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the biggest benefit one will get after joining the money mind Mastery program?

A: Well, this fun and interactive program will prepare you for an extraordinary transformation. This program will help you discover your hidden money script, unlocking confidence and empowering you to make wise and healthy decisions that align with your financial plans.

Q: What makes the money mind Mastery program stand out?

A: Unlike many other programs that merely provide theoretical knowledge, Money Mind Mastery stands out by equipping you with practical tools and transformational practices in a captivating and enthusiastic manner, igniting your motivation to take immediate action. With its easily understandable exercises and practices, this program swiftly alters your mindset when it comes to love, money, and power, resulting in a profound shift in your thinking. This interactive program is more fun.

Q: Do I Have to Be a Professional to Grasp the Concepts Taught in this Program?

A: Money Mind Mastery is an inclusive program tailored to cater to a wide range of professional and business owners. What truly counts is your unwavering innate ability to achieve financial success, as this program serves as the driving force behind the transformative decisions you will make. By embracing the content taught in the Money Mind Mastery , you will harness your power to unlock the floodgates of taking actions that will lead you to a life filled with joy and prosperity.

Q: What Skills do I expect to learn in the money mind Mastery program?

A: Money Mind Mastery will teach you skills and strategies for healthy relationships, booming wealth, and great power.

In this interactive program, you will assess life satisfaction, link finances to well-being, accept the current situation, evaluate money mindset, acquire transformational tools,align beliefs with financial plans and the list goes on.

Q: How can I register and become part of the Money Mind Mastery program?

A: It’s quite simple; Book an application call with Gloria’s Empowerment team to see if the program is right for you. Limited seating available, so act now to avoid missing out on personal and professional growth. I know you want this badly. Click here to secure your spot.

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